The Journal of Justice

It’s only been two days in our journey and I’m reminded how hostile this world is. By the end of the first night the party haphazardly encountered Auvri, one of my quarries. His patrol of orcs had better numbers but thankfully the party knows that deception can help us to survive outside the town walls. While the paladins I read about in texts of old would probably never resort to the deviousness we employ to survive in these wilds, it was a different world. The knights of old may make the point that survival should not take precedent over one’s honor. I say that my death to keep my honor would not bring justice to this realm; survival by any means is the only way to cleanse this realm. Perhaps I am just a tool towards the ideal, so that justice may be brought to the land again.

Anyway I digress, in the end, an expedient ambush made quick work of the orcs and worgs. Afterwards, we found an object that had something to do with the celestial bodies, the god of light, and the fallen Dhorne Empire. The entire party was intrigued by the object. We decided to see what this object would lead us to. Although I must say I’m wary to be following a legend of the past when there is so much do be done in the present (many people to bring to justice). Anyway, we followed the hired ranger to a temple that had slipped into the ground. An earthquake perhaps? Maybe the foundation gave way to time?

We slipped into the temple unnoticed. We met with orcs and some sort of magical construct. The fights did not come with ease, a few of us suffered life threatening blows, but fortunately our group has many adept healers. I was able to subdue the construct to get a certain amount of information and then I dispatched the construct. Although I must say I’m unhappy to destroy the construct while it was helpless, I was assured that the object was not of the living. I did give the construct an option to argue for its continued existence. It was the least of rights that I could afford for a form that contained sentience. We struck a deal with the orc leader, continued life and trial for information on the temple and the celestial object we held. It’s all still riddles overall. I fail to see how this small device could bring the return of an empire. I’m partially inclined to destroy the device to leave the past behind in one blow from my silvered hammer, but perhaps the decision should not fall to one man.

Finally, we come to the room in which the party can find respite. Although, here we are with a talking dragon statue that says the way forward comes with patience. I’ll write about the statue another time. We need to rest and heal; I assume more orcs will come back from patrol in a few hours. I’ll make sure to block the way back in case orcs do arrive…


YouKnow_Allan YouKnow_Allan

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