Where Next?

Rumors of risks and rewards...

…after staying the night in Pelldon’s inn, your group has acquired several rumors.

In Kazikshire, to the east, Mayor Hodgsworth is throwing a festival. He needs a top-tier entertainer. There are also rumors that an organization called The Haunting have begun to incite rebellion in Kazikshire. It’s very likely the mayor would also pay to deal with the disturbances.

Warwick is the last word whispered by the insane. The bounty on the enchanter’s head is ever-growing, and rumors of his actions are becoming more widespread. No one knows why he uses others to do his bidding. But, whatever his master plot, it’s likely he’s heading north to Bagton.

An arcane plague has been spreading through Amvil. The small thorp has become a de facto quarantine zone for the last few weeks.


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