Auvri, the Peacebreaker

Cunning deceiver and capable combatant.


Auvri is wanted for murder, cannibalism, and vandalism.
Elves recognize him as treasonous and plotting to incite anarchy.
He is known to raid and kill travelers, especially inexperienced adventurers. Famously mounted atop a riding worg.

Justice’s hammer crushed him.


Auvri formed a loose truce with elven retainers of the Aku’Tenshi. He used this peace to brutalize enemy orcs into submission. Then he combined that greater force to crush the elves he had allied with. He uses a blade forged for an eldritch knight, but it was originally a gift from the Dawn Elves… making it both elven property and an object of importance to the Lightbearers.

Auvri, the Peacebreaker

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