Truth's Charge

Any bard worth his salt and song tells this one at least once in a tavern hall…

Truth W. Eddleston was the Metrane Leader of the Council. Metrane was a relatively successful city. Its fighter’s guild (different bards call it different things. Some call it Beggars’ Army others the Metrane Standard) was said to be an impressive and capable force. Truth, himself, was an accomplished politician (a few stories insist capable of magic).

Baer’s Berg was a mining village founded by a group of retired mercenaries. The dwarves in the group insisted, “there’s gold in those hills!” They ended up being correct. When Truth heard the small town has something so valuable, he gathered the Metrane council. After a short session, it was agreed. Baer’s Berg would be theirs.

Truth assembled the Metrane Union of Combat (or the Swordsworn Agents, depends) to invade Baer’s Berg. He sent a messenger recommending the immediate surrender of the Berg three days before the charge.

And then they rode… into combat with an orc tribe.

It was a devastating slaughter for both forces. Truth was stabbed, or shot, or poisoned, or disappeared, or rode out on his laggot, or was actually a half-orc, or something else happened. When the battle was over, Truth was no where to be seen. Or Truth had died. Or Truth was lost. There are several ways to tell the tale.

The founders of Baer’s Berg took the warning of the messenger seriously. For one week, they fortified their small village. Eventually, they found the slaughtered forces. A field of blood and loss. After some small prayers, they marched into Metrane and demanded the council’s unconditional surrender.

This is how Baertrandian was founded.

(Baer is often cited as being the mythic leader of Baer’s Brigands, the mercenary group)

Truth's Charge

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