Ief's Log

Someone Can Read Orcish, right...?

Amongst the copper coins, you notice one that has the bear-headed wyvern on it.
When twisted, this coin opens into two pieces. Within the two coin pieces, you find a few notes on paper…

We’ve summoned both the Shadow and the Gruumshborn. They are adequate tools.

I hate this place.

I find myself longing for the walls of Baertrandian. This hole does little for my humor, nor the men’s. I know they’ve begun to crave the flesh of people. I worry they’ll indulge soon. I worry that I, too, may devolve in this wretched place.

The Shadow told me Kurndan finally located the Sanctuary hidden amongst golden leaves. Good news and progress, but the Gruumshborn here is taking painfully long. How many memories and secrets can such a place have? I know. Elves.

The men raided a merchant caravan headed for a southern city. The worgs managed to keep their riders from eating the people alive. The riders kept their warriors from indulging. And still, we barely hold our sanity.

I hate this place.

The Gruumshborn finally came across the Fortnight. What madness. Insanity. I wish i could’ve been there to stare them down and demand answers. Regardless, it’s closer.

I really do hate this place. An arm off an elf what do wonders for my mood, right now.

Sev went missing the other day. Probably an elven retaliation. The forest up top stinks of their steps.

The Gruumshborn is an oddity to me, still. To stave off whatever wild thoughts of a human’s thigh I might have… fresh from the body… To stave off whatever wild thoughts I may have, I shall consider the nature of the Gruumshborn. It is a curiosity. A sentient being, but not living. I imagine this particular creation was stolen from one of Vecna’s cultists. The Gruumshborn is maddeningly evasive, and yet excellent at holding secrets. I wonder what it knows about me. I wonder what it knows of my men. Sometimes, I wonder what it would taste like. I wonder if it wonders what I’d taste like. I think it’s looking at me.

Egarn and Ogshu have been inciting the others. But, Auvri helped keep the calm. He is a blessing of the god.

I cannot describe how much I incredibly hate HATE HATE HHHAAATTE THIS PLACE.

Finally finally finally finally!! I nearly ripped off my own arm for some fresh meat. Just a bloody morsel in my mouth! But, finally, the Gruumshborn found it. The damn thing found it! We’re sending Auvri and some other riders to bring it back. Finally, I can summon the Shadow with good news!


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