Churches in the world of Essenya primarily devote themselves to ‘The God’. In different regions, races, and languages this ‘The God’ has a different name. ‘The God’ has different ‘Aspects’ themselves often worshiped by devote followers.

These Aspects are Light, Life, and Shield (or, as some would say, war).

Those who follow the Light believe in bringing knowledge and understanding into the world. They domesticate and civilize the wilds of the world. They most greatly oppose undeath and ignorance.

The Lifegiver aspect encourages its followers to heal and help others. They are a people of charity and warmth. They will greet strangers with open arms and open minds. They oppose suffering and sadness.

The path of the Warbreaker is the loneliest Aspect. These are the battleclerics who attempt to organize militias. They inspire others to take up a shield and protect their homes and loved ones. Often fighters will donate to the Warbreaker Aspect before entering combat.

No two churches have the same doctrines or even the same beliefs. They make up a loose confederation of (often) allied peoples.

If ever a church of ‘The God’ encounters other deities they approach them with caution. it is not evil nor a sin to follow another deity. However, not all deities inspire their followers to acts of goodness.


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