Elven Clans

Feudal Lords Locked in Futile Wars

The Dhorne Empire’s fall wasn’t just a loss in the human realms. It also triggered a sequence of volatile conflicts in the elven nations. By being a neutral arbiter, the Dhorne Justiciary had helped forge a truce amongst the seven tribes. After the empire fell in a fortnight, the elven clans began to recall old insults and reignited ancient power struggles.

The following is surface information about the different clans and broad generalizations (referring to any member of such a clan as any of the following will likely be offensive)…

Aku’Tenshi – Arrogant battlemages.

Losnilas – Stealthy liars.

Feravonnian – Ice cold politicians.

Esaul – Nature-loving folk.

Andarrian’oha – Lazy dancers.

Kel’Ichir – High-minded fools.

The seventh clan withdrew from the warring. The pacifists’ name was lost millennia ago.

… elven clans put aside their biases and feuds in human territories. They won’t fall to bloodshed due to respect.

Elven Clans

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