The Haunting

An organization tied to necromancy. Rebelling in Kazikshire.

Kizarri Telmach, a tiefling, was a noted member of the organization. Wielding his gauntlet, an artifact of dark power, he was able to do great and terrible things. However, the party was able to overcome him and his burning undead. He is currently in the Kazikshire prison. Bound in a special solitary confinement chamber.

Daren Hershick had lead the organization. When he was a child, the Smidbern family had been in power. After decades of travel, he returned to find his town’s history erased. With some arcane knowledge, he began to devote himself to necromancy. This allowed him to speak with spirits. Hershick began to organize and enlighten citizens of the city.

Bayden Onfus, a channeller of spirits, traveled to Kazikshire to support Hershick. Onfus is a large man, filled with mirth. When the party fought against The Haunting, Onfus flew out of the sky to save Vadas. Some former members of the Haunting still cling to his views of respecting dead ancestors.

The Haunting lost momentum after Hershick was murdered, Telmach was imprisoned, and Onfus went missing.

The Haunting

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